Playspot Kalikovak

Playspot Kalikovak is a small artificial hole created on a "Kalikovský mlýn" mill race. The obstacle consists of two wooden plates raised and lowered by car winches that allow the spot to be adjusted to different water levels. The level in the river varies through the seasons, highest in the spring (up to 20 cumecs) and lowest in the summer (4 cumecs), however the mill race has fairly constant flow about 4 cumecs. Most of the time, the feature is a nice hole 3,5 meters wide with eddies on both sides. It can also be fine tuned to a wave/hole or a nasty sticky hole just the way you like it. The feature is deep enough and allows you to do loops, tricky woos, McNastys, etc. without hitting the bottom. The bed is even padded with a piece of artificial slope, which makes it super safe for carbon boats. Spot was tested and approved by SAGO and CNAWR members, just ask them. Playspot: Czech Republic, Pilsen, Mže River, Playspot Kalikovák