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Kadan - First race of CNAWR Rodeo Tour 2011

When I came to Kadan on Friday in the afternoon, I could not believe the scene I saw. The whole Kadan peninsula was just simply packed with the kayakers from Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and even Russia. Considering the fact that this race was supposed to be a quiet event with no music, no refreshment stand and basically organised on the place, it turned out into a big event! The sun was shining the whole Friday and most of the Saturday and the playspot, despite the fact that it was a really bad hole due to the low water level, was packed with kayakers.

We went through qualification semi-final rides on Saturday and finish the day with a massive party which was just a little bit less insane than the one on Friday ( can not tell you much from that one...).

Sunday welcomed us with cloudy sky and low temperature. I guess most of those who did not make it into the finals did not regret it at all! But the rest had to get into freezing wet gear and get on the water - it was time to put up the fight for the medals. Bubiii took a microphone and his excellent comments warmed up the whole crowd so the atmosphere was great. The results were quite close as the water level went down again and the hole was not stabile at all. But even so we saw a great riders especially in men category where the guys went huge!

So in the end I have to thank the organisers and the crew from Boulder-bar for a perfect race, also we are happy we could welcome kayakers from abroad and we hope to see you all on the second race of CNAWR Rodeo Tour in Sopotnice on 14 - 15 August!

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